Natural Quartzite Stone Quarry & Factory

Xiamen Rocks Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese quartzite stone quarry owner and quartzite stone tiles , quartzite cultured stone, ledge wall stone, stacked stone manufacturer. Based on our local rich top quality quartzite resources, quartziteofchina Ltd produces quartzite tiles, flooring quartzite, paving quartzite patio kit, wall cladding quartzite,culture quartzite,mushroom quartzite, random quartzite (irregular quartzite), tumbled quartzite, flagstone (quartzite slab), quartzite mosaic, quartzite planter pot, quartzite plate, quartzite stacked stone, quartzite ledge wall stone , cement quartzite wall stone etc.In great quantity to supply the customers all over the world. Our quartzites represent the first class quartzites in China.High quality natural quartzite stone products, competive price.

professional natural quartzite stone tiles, cultured stone factory

Xiamen Rocks Industry Co., Ltd. ,manufacturer of natural quartzite stone tiles since 2005, export quartzite stone products ( quartzite slabs, tiles , and quartzite wall cladding stone veneer ) since 2008.

We are engaged in stone-related mining, manufacture and trade, and have our own import & export license. We have 2 factory in the Hebei Province, China. Our factories and workshops are also nearby the quarries. All these advantages make us very competitive on stable supply and attractive prices. We own 4 quartzite quarries: Green Quartzite, White Quartzite,Black Quartzite and Pink Quartzite. Now we have 2 factories mainly produce slate and quartzite stone products.Natural quartzite flooring tiles, cultured wall stone panel etc.

Factory 1: River Ro Stone Industrial Area, Yi County, Baoding,Hebei, China

Factory 2: Thai Moutain Stone Industrial Area, LinCheng, Xingtai,Hebei , China

We have wide product range to meet customers' demand. flooring quartzite tiles, quartzite wall cladding, and flooring are available. Meanwhile we produce some special shaped products such as mosaic, pattern, mushroom shape. We are good at customized orders with different finishing, Calibrated, un-calibrated, split, saw cut, tumbled and honed.

Averagely we ship and export 20 containers monthly and the products are mainly sent to US, Canada, West and North Europe. Besides, there are some new and growing markets such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Europe and Australia.

If you need natural quartzite stone products, quartzite tiles and slabs, quartzite paving stone tiles, quartzite stone wall clambing ledge stone, quartzite stacked stone. Please contact us.